Memorize your favorite gameĀ 


Automatically create chess flashcards out of a PGN file and instantly download them to your computer.

Import flashcards into open source space repetition software Anki. See how to take a full advantage of the space repetition with Anki below.

Flashcards work out of the box on mobile and desktop Anki without the need to download additional plugins.

Chess positions are displayed with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) which allow for significant space savings in comparison to regular images.

Many aspects of the board are fully customizable during the checkout process, including square colors, last move color, coordinates, etc.

Upload a PGN file to begin:

Create a space repetition routine that works for you and understand a game or opening better with each successive repetition.

Let Anki help you identify moves that you struggle with. Anki will automatically add a tag named "leech" for the moves that you find difficult.

You have the option to define what difficult means, i.e, how many times in a row you get the move wrong.


Please upload a PGN file. If file contains multiple games only first game will be converted to flashcards

We need a PGN file to prepare your custom flashcards. Please note that if PGN file contains multiple games only the first game will be converted to flashcards.