Best used with your own games

Puzzle Generator

Chess players devote significant amount of time to practicing tactics. Expand your tactical training with tactics generated from you own games.

Patterns found in these tactics will come up again and again during play and knowing them cold will help you win more games.

Puzzle generator processes up to 50 games at once in a matter of minutes.

Puzzles and their solutions are packaged into a deck of digital flashcards, ready to use with compatible flashcard program called Anki*

Each puzzle ask you to identify a winning sequence of moves. Puzzle solution includes not only a winning sequence but also a move that you played during a game. If you made the right move it will help you reinforce it. If you made the wrong move, you will learn the pattern so that you can apply it in the future.

Want to analyze a position further with the help of an engine? Each puzzle solution includes a link to Lichess analysis board with the position set up for you automatically.

*Anki is an open source software which is available for free for desktop and mobile.

Upload a PGN file with up to 50 games to begin:

Analyze and extract valuable information from your chess games in bulk to save time.

Puzzle generator will process up to 50 games at once and extract puzzles and solution for you to learn from.

Generated puzzles and their solutions will be made instantly available for you to download and import into space repetition software Anki, so that you can commit them to memory in the most efficient way possible.

Please upload a PGN file. If file contains multiple games only first game will be converted to flashcards

We need a PGN file to prepare your custom puzzles.
Please include username of player so that all puzzles will be presented from their point of view.